Do Palm Oil Consumptions Clean Air on Earth?

Every drop of palm oil consumed contributes to lower emissions

The Paris COP21 meeting in the beginning of December 2015 has passed. A common agenda deal or a platform has been agreed upon, that every country agreed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to prevent global warming so that global climate change such as climate anomalies, floods, storms, extreme drought, and other disasters will not get worse.

The world community has also already known that the main cause of global warming is GHG emissions, especially carbon dioxide released into the air of the earth. The International Energy Agency reported (2015) about 68 percent of global GHG emissions came from fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Therefore the key to addressing global warming is reducing fossil fuel consumption and reabsorbing GHG emissions from the Earth’s air.

Oil palm plantations are important for this matter. The presence of biodiesel from oil palm plantations can replace fossil fuel so that the use of fossil fuels can be reduced. In producing palm oil, oil palm plantations absorb carbon dioxide from the earth’s air. According to Henson (1999), every hectare of oil palm plantations can absorb 161 tons or 64 tons of carbon dioxide every year. The carbon dioxide absorbed by oil palm plantation is then stored in its body in the form of stem, leaves, root of palm and of course also in palm oil. Other than that, oil palm plantation also produces about 18 tons per hectare per year of oxygen we ​​breathe in to live.

The higher the palm oil production is, the greater the carbon dioxide that can be absorbed by the oil palm plantation, the more oxygen it produces, and the more biodiesel will be available to replace fossil fuels, and the less GHG emissions in the air. According to the EU Commission, replacing fossil diesel with palm biodiesel can reduce 62 percent of gas emissions.

Therefore, we as consumers, have to increase the consumption of palm oil products such as cooking oil, shampoo, and use biodiesel or mixture of biodiesel as fuel. Let us support the movement of the world community to stop using all products that use fossil fuels that pollute the air and switch to bio fuels that clean the air.

The more people consume palm oil products, the more production of palm oil farmers increases, so that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the earth can be absorbed by oil palm plantations. The world community needs to realize that every drop of palm oil consumed means helping the oil palm tree clean the earth’s air.

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