Is It True Palm Oil Contains Cholesterol?

There has been a perception that has developed into a myth that palm oil contains cholesterol. The myth has grown stronger and it created a phobia in society against the consumption of oil-containing food, such as fritters, in fear of the high level of cholesterol.

Such a perception was formed because of the smear campaign thrown around by the American Soybean Association (ASA) in the early 1980s. In order to corner the market in tropical vegetable oils, especially palm oil, which at the time had become a threat to the world soybean oil market, the ASA sent out propaganda claiming that palm oil contained cholesterol and even suggested that the US government ban palm oil in the country. However, the accusation was not substantiated by health and nutrition research in various countries.

By far, no nutrition experts in the world have ever stated that cooking oil made of vegetable oil such as palm oil contains cholesterol. Cholesterol can only be produced by animals and humans, while plants doesn’t have the ability to produce cholesterol (Calloway and Kurtz, 1956; USDA, 1979; Life Science Research Office, 1985; Cottrell, 1991; Muhchtadi, 1998; Muhilal,1998; Hariyadi, 2010; Giriwono and Andarwulan 2016). The cooking oil produced from oil palm does not contain cholesterol.

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