Oil Palm Plantation: Inherit the Cross Generation “Pie of Life”

Oil palm cultivation in the form of oil palm plantation has been proven in developing the multifunctional and multi-beneficial oil palm and preserving it from generation to generation

Human life on planet earth is not the inheritance of our ancestors but a loan from  our children and grandchildren. Human life on planet earth doesn’t only last for a day, but it continues to happen across generations. Therefore, the human task of living today is not only to pass on the source of life for the next generation, but to pass on a greater source of life for the generation of our children and grandchildren.

The oil palm plantation in Indonesia originated from only four trees in the Bogor botanical garden in 1848. If the only four trees had preserved until now, then we could have only enjoyed the palm trees as a collection of Bogor botanical garden that might get extinct by then. And certainly the world community could not have enjoyed cooking oil, shampoo, soap, and biodiesel and so on.

Fortunately, our predecessors developed the four oil palm trees of the Bogor Botanical Gardens in the form of oil palm cultivation, which now is known as oil palm plantations, or palm plantations for short. Through the development of oil palm plantations since 100 years ago, from four palm trees had successfully been developed into 10 million hectares or about 1.5 billion palm trees and dozens of varieties today. Palm oil can not only be preserved, but also provide greater benefits and widely enjoyed by the world community today.

Through the development of oil palm plantations, multifunction of palm oil plantations can be presented in the life, which are the economic functions (white function), the “lungs” of the atmosphere function (green function), water management function (blue function) and social function (yellow function). The growth of multifunctional oil palm plantation, enables us to harvest the bigger and wider multi-benefits in the form of palm oil as food and non-food, job opportunity, business opportunity, income increase, poverty reduction and so on. Millions of people have been freed from poverty because of palm oil.

Not only that, through the ecological role of oil palm, as the “lungs” of the atmosphere, the waste of the world community  in the form of carbon dioxide pollution is partially cleaned and replaced with the oxygen needed by the world community. Ten million hectares of oil palm plantations in Indonesia clears pollution of about 4.4 million tons carbon dioxide and produces about 500 thousand tons of oxygen every day.

The development of oil palm plantations continues to improve in the cultivation techniques, variety and in the downstream industry, to enlarge the multifunctional “machine” capacity of oil palm plantations in generating multi-beneficial of oil palm for our future generations of children and grandchildren. Increasing productivity of oil palm plantations also means increasing the capacity of palm oil “machine” to produce oil, creating employment opportunities, creating income, reducing poverty and enlarging the capacity of the “lungs” of the earth’s atmosphere. Through the downstream of palm oil processing, it also means expanding the usefulness and benefits of palm oil.

The generations of people who benefit from the oil palm plantations, should be grateful to our predecessors of scientists, businessmen, oil palm growers and the government that has been developing palm oil for more than 100 years. So the today’s generation is responsible for enlarging and expanding the multi-benefits of oil palm plantations so it can be inherited as the next generation source of life.

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