Palm Oil Biodiesel Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Replacing fossil fuel with biodiesel can reduce 62 percent of greenhouse gas emissions

We can feel that now the earth is getting hotter and the climate is uncertain lately. That is the impact of global warming. Experts around the world have also explained that the cause of global warming is pollution coming from greenhouse gas emissions as the result of human activities on earth. About 65 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the use of petroleum including diesel. Therefore, the world community needs to reduce the use of diesel fuel as energy and replace it with energy sources that produce less pollution.

Based on various studies both in Indonesia and in Europe, it shows that replacing diesel fuel with palm biodiesel can actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 50-60 percent. Even according to the European Commission, replacing fossil fuel with palm oil biodiesel can reduce emissions by 62 percent.

In Indonesia, around 36 million tons of diesel fuel are used annually for motorized vehicles and factories. If only 20 percent of diesel fuel is replaced by palm oil biodiesel, then we can reduce diesel emissions by 12 percent. If 30 percent of diesel fuel is replaced by palm oil biodiesel, diesel emissions are reduced by around 18 percent and so on.

Seeing the large reduction in diesel emissions, the government implemented a mandatory biodiesel policy in Indonesia. In 2015, it was targeted that 15 percent of diesel fuel would be replaced by palm oil biodiesel. Then in 2016, it increased to 20 percent and in 2020 it will be targeted that 30 percent of diesel fuel will be replaced by palm oil biodiesel. The subtitution of diesel fuel with palm oil biodiesel will certainly be increased after 2020.

Not only replacing diesel fuel, palm oil is also being developed to replace aircraft fuel (Avtur) and lubricants. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future, we can enjoy flights using bioavtur from palm oil. If we succeed in replacing 50 percent of diesel fuel with palm biodiesel, in addition to effectively reducing Indonesia’s diesel emissions, we will also be able to reduce imports of diesel fuel by 50 percent. Reducing imports of diesel certainly saves foreign exchange reserves at least USD 18 billion every year. Then, we will have strong energy sovereignty, strong economic resilience and low diesel emissions.

If the whole world follows Indonesia’s steps to replace diesel fuel and aviation fuel which pollute the environment with biodiesel and bioavtur produced from palm oil, you can imagine how much global emissions can be reduced due to palm oil. And Indonesia has the opportunity to change from the current king of palm oil to become the king of biodiesel in the future.

Unlike diesel fuel which is non-renewable energy, which is certain to run out, palm biodiesel is a renewable energy that is sustainable. As long as the sun still shines on Indonesian soil, oil palm plantations will still produce palm oil and palm biodiesel will still be produced sustainably.

That is one of the gifts given by God Almighty to Indonesia. Not many countries in the world have received such a gift. We should be grateful by managing this gift given to us so that it is not mismanaged. It needs to be protected from foreign forces who do not want Indonesia to become the king of palm oil and the king of biodiesel in the world.

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