Palm and Beauty

Dozens of beauty and health products that we use every day are generated from palm oil

As a supportive appearance of course we must take care and maintain the cleanliness and health of the body. To treat and maintain the hygiene and health of the body we usually use the help of toiletries and cosmetics products. Here are the ingredients of toiletries and cosmetics that we often use daily to care for health as supporting the appearance.

  1. Soap and Detergent


Bath soap is a product that every day we use, even has become a necessity. The main benefit of bath soap is to protect our body’s skin from germs, bacteria and viruses that threaten health. And detergents are used to clean clothes.

  1. Shampoo


In addition to bath soap, shampoo is also the most important toilet equipment in human life, whether male or female. Shampoo is used to treat the hair and scalp that function to wash the hair to be free from dirt-dirt dirt and hair.

  1. Toothpaste


Toothpaste is a type of paste used to clean teeth, commonly used with a toothbrush.

  1. Handwashing Soap


Hand washing soap serves to clean the dirt on our hands from dirt as well as from germs that stick to the hands.

  1. Cosmetic Products for Make-up


Cosmetic products and tools may be familiar to the women to beautify the appearance / face.

Do you know the above products use palm oil? The detergent we use to clean the clothes of most of the raw materials is palm oil. With detergent oil palm can foam when exposed to water, clean clothes evenly and thoroughly, make clothes fresh and odorless. Similarly, the shampoo that we use everyday there is the content of palm. Sawitlah make hair clean, fresh, smooth and healthy.

Cosmetic products such as lipsticks also use palm oil. The content of the palm makes the lipstick easy to wear and remove, able to withstand striking colors with glossy texture. Similarly, other products that use palm oil such as soap, toothpaste, other cosmetic products, can benefit all of us.

Consumer awareness of environmental protection and improved health. The use of synthetic materials in cosmetic materials should be abandoned because it is difficult to decompose and contain aromatic compounds that are less good for health. The synthetic materials are replaced by the use of palm oil that is good for the environment and for health.

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