Palm Oil Helps the World’s Poor

Anyone who is hostile to palms, also means menzolimi poor people of the world

In 1984 Indonesia obtained an honorary medal from FAO, for the achievement of Indonesia to achieve self-sufficiency in rice. Why did the UN agency give a medal to Indonesia? Maybe not many people know about it.

Before Indonesia achieved self-sufficiency in rice, Indonesia is the world’s largest rice importing country. As the world’s largest rice importer, Indonesia’s rice imports make world rice price expensive. However, after Indonesia succeeded in achieving self-sufficiency in rice, the world’s rice price has decreased significantly, so the world’s poor, which is still around 2 billion people, can afford more rice and avoid hunger or malnutrition. So the medal is a self-sufficient appreciation of Indonesian rice that has a major impact on the avoidance of billions of people from starvation.

Although without a medal, almost the same achievement is actually due to the success of Indonesia to increase palm oil production and become the world’s largest producer of palm oil since 2006.

The increase in world palm oil production that surpasses world soybean oil production benefits the poor and the world’s low-income people who currently number about at least 2 billion people. How come?

First, palm oil is the least expensive vegetable oil in the world compared to other vegetable oils such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. The presence of palm oil throughout the world through the export of palm oil every year, providing cheap and nutritious vegetable oil for the poor in every country.

Second, the presence of palm oil that is much larger than soybean oil and available throughout the year, is able to dampen the rise and even pull down other vegetable oil prices such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. It is also beneficial for the low-income world population.

In other words, palm oil helps the world’s poorest people today are still around 1 billion people scattered in almost all countries, especially in the countries of the continent of Africa, India, China and Central Asia. It also helps the population a little above the poor or the much lower incomes of nearly a third of the world’s population, which is currently around 6 billion people. Therefore anyone who campaigns negatively against palm oil, means menzolimi of the world’s poor.

No doubt that, palm oil is one of the greatest gifts for the world community through Indonesia.

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