The Top Ten GHG Emitter

Global Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions until 2014 reached about 32.4 gigatons of CO2. Based on data from the IEA (2016) the largest GHG emitting countries (Figure 1) are China (28 percent), US (16 percent), India (6.2 percent) and Russia (5 percent).

Figure 1: World’s top 10 GHG emitters (Sources : IEA 2016)

GHG emissions from those 10 countries account for nearly half (58 percent) of global GHG emissions and are thus higher than the rest of the world (ROW). Indonesia, which contributes only 1.3 percent, is not even in the top 10 emitters. Therefore, the allegation that Indonesia is the largest global GHG emitter is incorrect and incompatible with existing data.

Based on IEA data (2016), total global GHG emissions in 2014 reached 32.4 gigatons of CO2. About 68 percent (32.4 gigatons) of the source of global GHG was from the global energy sector, starting from production process until fossil fuel consumption (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Global GHG contributors (IEA, 2016) * covering fire emissions of biomass, peatland, other waste

Meanwhile, global agriculture’s contribution only amounted to 11 percent, and industry 7 percent. Other sectors accounted for 14 percent, which included the burning of forest/peatland, emissions from peat land and waste.

This data shows that the use of fossil fuels constitutes the biggest global GHG emission source. Therefore, in order to reduce emissions, the global community has to be willing to reduce fossil fuel consumption or replace them with low-emission energy sources.


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