World Resources Institute Data: The Largest Fire is not on The Oil Palm Concessions

“86 percent of Indonesia’s forest / land fires that occurred in July-October 2015 were in forest areas”


Wildfires that occurred in any part of Indonesia, and whoever the culprit behind it was, are very unfortunate and have caused great harm to all of us. Society, government, business, including farmers and even Indonesia as a whole; have been the victim of the fire.

Public was harmed by the impact of forest fires, either on the health aspect and how it disrupted daily activities including the ones at schools. Both central and local governments also suffered great losses, such as large funds to extinguish the fires. Business stakeholders in agriculture / plantation, transportation, trading, and so on also suffered huge losses. Only those who are against Indonesia benefit from this forest fire.

Based on data from World Resources Institute (, it shows that the hotspot that occurred in July-November 2015 in Indonesia, about 90 percent were in the forest area while the oil palm plantation was relatively small, only about 10 percent.


Furthermore, 90 percent of forest fires were state forests (outside concessions) that consisted of state forests (59 percent), HTI concessions (26 percent) and logging concessions (5 percent), whereas fires that occurred in palm oil concessions was only 10 percent.

Based on the facts stated above, it is clear that the biggest fires didn’t take place on the oil palm concessions. Therefore, the allegation by NGOs that claimed the forest fires in Indonesia was caused by oil palm plantations is not supported by valid facts. The community and the government are also not affected by the opinion of anti-oil palm NGOs claiming oil palm plantations are the cause of forest fires.

We better use our energy to find fundamental and long-term solutions, so that forest fires will not happen again in the future.

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